About Us

Located in Bursa, one of Turkey's textile centers, our factory specializes in producing KNITTED - BROCADE - ROTATING - JACQUARD voile organza fantasy curtains. ASIA PERDE, a subsidiary of ALFER Textile, has a total production area of 2500 square meters. Currently, our facilities produce 1,500,000 meters of fabric annually using state-of-the-art weaving machines. Our latest model weaving machines not only enable us to respond more quickly to customer demands but also ensure the highest quality of the fabrics produced. We aim to consistently advance, innovate, and develop in the home textile sector.

While our company exports products to the United States, Germany, Belgium, Romania, and the Balkan countries, we also provide services with a wide range of products and original designs throughout Turkey. Additionally, as a group, we place great importance on Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation (UR-GE), continually enhancing our pattern archive and proving our professional company attitude with high customer service.

Guaranteed PURE

Our Vision

To be a globally-oriented organization at the forefront of the world in every field of operation with production technology, design, and service quality, open to development and change without losing national culture and core values.

Completely Cruelty-Free

Our Mission

Believing that success relies on disciplined, planned, and efficient work and considering that the love and respect are essential in energizing the team spirit, ASIA PERDE ALFER Textile aims to ensure the happiness of its employees and provide a peaceful working environment. It strives to maintain the highest level of motivation by securing customer satisfaction.